Be Brave When Thrifting.

 If you are looking to find great deals, and hidden treasures there is one rule that holds true.


I have lived in Orlando my whole life [aka YEARSSSSS]. I know Orlando like the back of my hand, and  I still often find myself driving around down streets I have never been, and revisiting other roads I just haven't touched in awhile. Sometimes, as I explore the city, I stumble upon hidden gems like this no air-conditioned thrift/resale store that is located out of an abandoned k-mart building.

If one thing has ever held the most true when it comes to thrifting and rummaging it is this:


It is just true. You are going to find better quality items, for an extreme bargain. Maybe they don't know what they really have, or maybe they just get so much stuff in they just want to get rid of it and are in a constant state of turn over. But their trash is your treasure! Reap the rewards!

You just have to be brave, but don't be dumb. Obviously, please don't put yourself in danger in any way. Always trust your gut and intuition when it comes to safety, but don't always limit yourself to the comfort of a Goodwill. Often times when I go to a new city,  of course the Goodwills will always pop up on my google maps, but the gems of all thrift stores are usually ones you have never heard of and that only locals know about. Ask around! Be friendly! Explore!

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