How to be Alone : My version.

After having my wallet and brand new phone stolen, I have been working full time to offset the financial hiccup. In retrospect, the situation of having that happen, also cured me of a fear that had brewing in me for quite awhile. That fear? That one day 'what if' everything I had worked hard for was taken from me. Now, I never thought of a scenario in which that could actually happen, but having my phone and wallet stolen on my birthday fit the bill quite appropriately. It happened to me and it was out of my control. I was at a loss because of it.
But, it happened and I was still ok. The earth didn't come crumbling down. I figured it out. I landed on my feet.

I think it has started a snowball effect with me. What other irrational fears do I have?

One I have had for awhile : Going to the movies alone & going out to eat alone.

A movie came out at a local independent movie theatre called "Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl." Perfect opportunity! So I went! By golly, I went. Trust me I was so out of my element and scared. I even text my friend "OMG, I'm doing it. Im scared."

Being alone in certain situations is scary. You don't have that comfort zone of a friend with you. A companion is like a world barrier/buffer. Its oddly strange but true.

So I put on a cute dress, and I went to the movies alone. Of course my life is extremely awkward and I sat right under a huge spotlight, which I was horrified to realize once I sat down, but I stayed. I ordered myself a popcorn and a beer, and I enjoyed my movie.

The thing I enjoyed most about going to see a movie alone was when the movie ended. After the movie was done, there was no conversation to be had. No picking apart the movie we just saw. Saying what we thought of this, or that, the actors, the storyline, etc. I was left with my own thoughts on the movie, and didn't have to explain them to anyone. It was mine. That experience was mine.

Sometimes, you don't have to or want to share everything you experience. It just nice to give something to yourself for YOU to enjoy. Something to keep for yourself. Your own little memory.

Also, this video is great motivation to start doing more things alone:

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