Ebay is Still Cool

If you are like me, ebay can be a very hard place to strike gold. Its like digging through a thrift store, its the hidden gems that make it worth it. Well I wanna share with you a hidden ebay gem that i personally LOVE.

They have the BEST "get the look for less" fashion.
Seriously check them out, you will be glad you did.

Orlando Life

These kittens were hanging around the tow truck place. There were about 5 total and they were all so precious.

Carry your camera with style.

Looking for a cute way to include your camera to your wardrobe without spending your whole paycheck? Then check out  Jason's Photo Forest. They have the cutest bags and camera straps for a steal! 

Southern Comfort

Daytona Bike Week Tee & Ankle Boots
thrifted at GoodWill

Road Trippin.

Took a trip to the lovely Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL . Octopus, Sea Horses, & Jellies oh my. After, we took a stroll through the Ybor City party street and found ourselves in the infamous Coyote Ugly under a Sea of Bras.

This is Miami.

Hello Blog World.

I live to thrift, stare at the moon, listen to stories, and spend as little as possible for everything I own/do. This is my life. Lets get weird.