Get me back to Portland

(All photos taken with iPhone, because it was just more convenient)

DAY ONE: Tuesday

Flew in to Portland around 5:30 pm and were already greeted by the friendliest people I have ever encountered while traveling. A man named Jacob sorted out our rental car, and gave us really useful advice for visiting. He informed us that you DO NOT pump your own gas in Oregon (didn't know that!) and told us all the good local spots to check out in the city.
We soon arrived at our cutest AirBnB Portland's Tall Pines Tuck-A-Way. Highly recommend staying with Zoe and Jonathan. There place was too cute and perfect! We unpacked and grabbed a local burger and just drove around the city to end our long day of travel. I instantly fell in love.

DAY TWO: Wednesday

I quickly realized I am, surprisingly, a morning person and Mabelle is definitely not. Most mornings I would wake up before her, and I would try to tip toe around and to not awaken the beast that is 'Morning Mabelle'. She eventually woke up and we got breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. Omg YUM!

Then, we went on our first hike to HorseTail and Wakeena!

During the hike, we stopped so I could blow my nose. The two cute old men (pictured above and below) passed us on their way down as I was stopped doing such, and cheerfully asked if we were "Doing coke on the trail?" further solidifying my love for old men, and more-so my love for Portland.
And now I will shut up and let you just enjoy some pictures.

Our cute little coffee bean car. :)

DAY THREE : Thursday

Explore the town!

DAY FOUR : Friday

 Mountain Bound.

 DAY FIVE : Saturday

City Searching.

Lunch at Shandong, and a visit to Powell's Book store and VooDoo Donuts.
I could've spent the whole day in Powell's and been completely content. It really is magical.

The brick is covered in glitter at VooDoo Donuts.

We met these awesome guys Will and Sam. Will has this ridiculous McDonalds tattoo on his arm that he got on a 'spur of the moment, why not' kind of night, that was definitely a conversation starter.

Day Six : Sunday
Flea Markets and the Oregon Coast

Multanomah & Punchbowl Falls

 'Bridge of the Gods'

DAY EIGHT : Tuesday
Orlando Bound.

So glad I got to go on this amazing trip with my best friend, Mabelle.

Stay tuned for our next adventure!
<3 Emilyybones

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