Life is one big game of Guess Who.

Life is kind of like playing Guess Who, and the person you are left with is who you really are. 
Do I want to be a doctor? nope. Knock those cards down.
Do I like rockets? nope. Knock those cards down.
Do I want to help people? always. Let those stand.
Am I creative? yes. Let those stand.
Do I want to be in business and wear business suits? nope. Knock those cards down.

Your twenties are your years to really get down to the nitty gritty with your guess who game.
They are your selfish years.
You need to experience and try everything you can to figure out what makes you happy and what doesn't.
I learned this past week that business suits and name tags just aren't my thing.
It was kind of a blow to my life ego, as society makes you feel being at that status and having business meetings is something that you should strive for, and is a level of success.
But I remind myself how diverse and huge the world is and that you can be successful doing anything.
Don't let society illustrate your own personal idea of success.

I am really excited that I just made a huge advancement in my Guess Who life game.
Unfortunately, the crazy cat lady card is still on my game board. #getouttahereplz

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