Emil F. Schulte

The other day I went to work, and my coworker was sitting outside, legs crossed, focused deep into these old hardback books, one in her hand, the other to her side. She immediately looked up at me excited to tell me all about what she had just discovered.

Earlier that morning, she went to an estate sale in Winter Park, and came across these old journals from World War II. She bought them for $1.00 a piece. ONE DOLLAR!

His name was Emil F. Schulte. These hand-written hardback journals were letters written to be sent back to his wife (we presume wife, though we are not sure) in whole book form. So she would get a whole book to read before the next arrived.

He begins each entry with "Dear Girl," and goes into much detail about his day, everything he feels and observes,  and how much he misses her and their kids.

Its amazing the treasures you can find buried away in a house, and that someone would sell for ONE DOLLAR! As I stood there with my coworkers, reading these journals aloud, we all felt so inspired to start writing our own journals, so that one day our kids can read them, or maybe even just three random young adults can stumble upon them to get inspired as well.

It reminds you to get back in touch with your thoughts, and not just think in status updates, and see things with Instagram eyes.

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