Objectification is Detachment

“Objectification An attitude in which women are objects rated by size, shape and harmony of body parts: sexual fantasy leads to emotional unavailability and dissatisfaction.”

Being a single woman, has given me a lot more time and heighten perception into the world of talking to strangers, flirting, dating, etc. And one of the major issues that has mostly kept me comfortable in my single woman solitude, is the instillment of objectification I find in the majority of men. Until you can see past my female beauty or see it more than just a sexual challenge, and see my more intriguing soul, I have no interest in inviting you into my awesome party-of-one boat.

Objectification is detachment. It is seeing a person as a thing, rather than a who. It is looking at someone in terms of how they can satisfy your own personal needs, rather than seeing a mutual interaction of pleasure from both sides on an intimate level.

Now some girls have learned to strive for this objectification attention. And maybe that is why men continue to do it, because women have adapted and have started playing along? I think for women, it gives them some sort of fulfillment in knowing they are sexually attractive, but in the end it leaves them feeling lonely and empty, because there is no emotional interaction in thinking someone 'is hot'. All women should know they are all attractive (even though media tries to convince them otherwise to sell products).Women were created to be and are the most beautiful gender of the human species. Don't let your knowledge of your beauty rely on an opinion of a man. Your beauty is a factual, unbreakable statue of truth.

But, why do men do it and think its acceptable?
A mans reaction on why men objectify women:
"“I objectify women cause it’s “safer”. I receive an immediate gratification, a thrill if you will, albeit superficial, it does keep me safe at least for a time, (and I will jump in with Richard here) from annihilation — from a treacherous road of intimacy and vulnerability — the risk of being really seen and connected with– or actually rejected!! Yes, that’s it — it’s an avoidance of rejection Intimacy takes a lot of work, courage and commitment. Objectifying is an “easy” road out of the potential of rejections — at least for the moment. A slice of breathing room if you will, though illusory and ultimately unfulfilling and painful — it’s still or at least has been a strange sort of unconscious haven for me…” –R. Link

Also, Russel Brand pretty much nailed this whole subject in this video:

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