The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

-Robert Frost

Went hiking in Wekiva Springs State Park today. Its still amazes me how calm it is out in the woods, and how accustomed you get to the hustle and bustle of city life. The air is calmer, more peaceful. Your mind has room to breathe.

On my hike, my friend asked me 'If you had to choose between being a pirate or a cowboy what would you be?' and I though about it. If you would've asked me this same question ten years ago, I probably would have wanted to be a pirate, with the open ocean and endless possibilities for adventure and new lands! But things change, and as a I've grown older the sea doesn't seem so appealing to me. Being stuck on a boat for an extended, unimaginable period of time seems so claustrophobic. Give me a horse and a house on a mountain (and lets throw in some goats for good measure) any day of the week please. Besides, I could be a cowboy and still get on a boat to travel, but a pirate wouldn't know how to have the dirt and grit a cowboy does if he tried.
Would you be a pirate or a cowboy?

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